Remote Viewfinder 2.2.11

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Use your Galaxy-S/S2, Galaxy-Tab as a remote controller for Samsung Camera SH100.

Use your Smartphone(Galaxy-S/S2) and Tablet(Galaxy-Tab 7 inch)as a remote control for your Camera(Samsung SH100) via Wi-Fi streaming.


-Watch a preview image from the SH100 Camera directly on your Smartphone/Tablet via Wi-Fi streaming
-Control parameters; Timer, Flash and Photo-size
-Focus on objects and Capture Photos in any position
-Geo-tag photos with your Smartphone/Tablet GPS

The only thing you have to do is activate the application in your Smartphone/Tablet and Camera.

* Photo will be saved both on your Camera (10MP/2MP Selectable Size) and on your Smartphone/Tablet (2MP Size) simultaneously
** This feature will be supported by Android 2.2/2.3 Galaxy-S/S2, Galaxy-Tab 7 inch.

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